Locksmiths in Cardiff

We adhere to providing  a top class service at all times and our business foundations are built around the following values and qualities:

  • Prompt arrival times
  • Price guarantee for all quotes that we make
  • 24 hour business operations 7 days a week
  • Top class friendly understanding services
  • All engineers are thoroughly CRB checked and verified
  • We are the number one emergency locksmiths in Cardiff.

Locksmith Cardiff provides emergency lockout services, residential and commercial services and automotive services. Moreover, security alarm systems, CCTV systems and key less access control systems are also provided by these experts.

Our business provides high-security lock services to the clients. As a modern city, the need of ultimate security of one’s house or business premises heightens due to the constant increase of crime rates. The locksmith Cardiff provides installation as well as repair of keys, re-key services and master key installation as well. They are trained professionals who may give solutions to all of one’s problems related to keys. Our lock out services will be a relief for many people in the city and its surrounding area.

These 24 hour services cater to a big number of customers. Some of them may also provide customised lock solutions that safeguard property against a mishap. Moreover, they also provide round the clock solutions to their clients that may lessen the severity of an emergency situation at odd times by giving quick results.

Also, Cardiff locksmiths provides efficient security engineering to their customers. Their primary objective is to give an end to end solutions to the clients at affordable prices so that the property remains secure. These experts provide both residential and commercial security systems. Besides, automotive services are also provided. Many a times, people forget their keys inside their cars with the door locked. In case they do not possess a duplicate key, they may call a professional who uses the precision key cutting system to duplicate the car key in minutes.

We provide provide 24-hour emergency locksmith services to their customers. This, together with their skill to repair and re-key any model of automotive, both domestic and foreign, makes them indispensable for anyone stuck due to a lock problem. In the case of a commercial building, a locksmith provides key less access security solutions that ensure controlled access to a building and a lesser fear of theft or burglary.

Different types of locks Offered by Cardiff locksmith services
Wafer tumbler lock– This lock is quite inexpensive and is usually found in automobiles and cabinets. It uses a set of flat wafers that prevent it from opening unless the right key is used. It differs from the pin-tumbler lock in that the wafer used is a single piece.

Pin tumbler lock– This lock uses pins made of different lengths to prevent it from being opened unless the correct key is inserted. They are commonly used in cylinder locks.

Lever lock– A very reliable lock, it is often used in safes, outside doors, and in prisons. This is because it is made of very strong materials. As the name implies, it uses a set of levers that prevents the bolt from moving in the lock. It generally works in that when you lift the tumbler above a certain height, the bolt will slide past. A required number of levers may be specified in accordance with the level of security.

Electric lock– Also called electronic lock, this uses electric current, with an electronic control assembly directly mounted on it. Many are attached to an access control system, where keys can be added or removed without using the lock cylinder, or where transaction logging records activity.

If you are contemplating of installing any of these types of locks, contact a us for further assistance.


Here are some of the services that we provide:

Locks are the ideal and primary security item to start with. It is relatively straightforward to install and also it is cost effective. Any residential locksmith will come to your house and assess the type of locks suits your home and budget by analysing all point of access to your residential home as well as any interior security needs.

Decorative hardware
Anything from cabinet hardware to gate hardware that comprises decorative hardware and we can offer decorative hardware that goes with your fancy mortise locks. You need to purchase the ones that is suggested as they are aware that you need high-quality materials that will protect your home.

Electronic security equipment:
We also sell stuff such as electronic locks, remote control key access among others that to offer the best home security systems like ADT. Some commercial professionals are trained and experienced that enable to handle even highly advanced security systems that incorporate facial recognition technology or the retinal scanners.

Safes and vaults:
There may be some valuables in your house or business that includes coins, stamps or other small valuables and you need some secure place to hold them.

Most of the residential services also provides more security to your property and also buildings and the items in your office and business. High-tech locks like the card-key system, electronically locks that are coded, and even biometric locks are dealt by the commercial professionals and also perform crucial security assessments for your business and can respond in an emergency. They too perform re-key, repair, open or even replace door of automobiles and trunk locks and even replace the ignition cylinder

Reasons you should use a locksmiths Cardiff

The effective and efficient services of these experts are really worth praising. You can easily get the best security system with the help of the services in your local area.

Readily available: You can avail these services irrespective of the time and place. Whether it is late night or holiday’s season, you can call them, and they would be happy to help you without even charging extra for the emergencies. This is the reason people rely on them.

Fast services: Another reason is the incredible speed with which these services are offered. The technicians of locksmith Cardiff would revert to you within 15 minutes of the call. They would reach your place in a jiffy. All you need is to call them at their toll-free number. You can get their toll free number through their official website.

Affordable prices: You can experience these services  at much cheaper and reasonable rates. They charge cheaply for their call service along with the expenditure incurred on labor and material, and it depends upon the service you want to avail. They also provide you 3-month guarantee for their work. The technicians who we employ are very talented and skilled.

The diversity of services: we provide a solution for everyone’s problems. Whether you are a homeowner, automobile owner or a business owner, you can experience these services for every sector. For the residence owners, there are residential services, for automobile owners, there are automobile services, and for business owners, there are services for both commercial and industrial. These services vary from each other according to the requirements of the owners who want to fix their lock problems.

Locksmith services in Cardiff are provided by skilled security engineers and technicians who pay ample attention to safeguarding a building or a household against theft or burglary. In a few cases, locksmiths Cardiff may install iron bars and windows. Along with this, home, as well as office safes, may also be available along with surveillance devices that would provide an even better security quotient to the customer.